Students enjoying the beautiful Great Court
Students enjoying the beautiful Great Court

Students who study with us include most of the State's top school leavers plus high achievers from interstate and overseas. UQ’s 53,696-strong student community includes 18,620 postgraduate scholars and 18,074 international students from 134 countries, diversifying cultural life on campus and providing opportunities for international networking.

The UQ student experience provides a foundation for success far beyond graduation. We offer a balance of support, structure and flexibility while preparing our students to compete in today’s rapidly evolving workplace.

As a large, comprehensive, flexible, on-campus-based university, we offer the widest range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Queensland. We encourage students to be actively involved in their learning and to develop co-curricular and non-academic interests – whether sporting interests or joining one or more of the 220+ clubs and societies, and through exchanges, study abroad, placements, internships, and volunteering, to name just a few. Our focus is on developing students who are well-rounded and resilient, and have the skills to become global entrepreneurs and leaders.

The University has one of the largest PhD enrolments in Australia, and is among the nation's top three universities for PhD completions. The Graduate School looks after the interests of those undertaking higher degrees by research and has academic responsibility for managing admissions, providing research scholarships, supporting students during their candidature, and facilitating the examination of theses. The Graduate School coordinates year-round skills training, supports infrastructure and research facilities, and provides opportunities to accelerate career development.

For more information on student numbers and other facts, please visit the UQ fast facts or Key statistics page.

For information on studying at The University of Queensland, visit the Programs and Courses website.

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