A novel immunotherapy treatment has saved family dog Griffin from a rare type of cancer, thanks to collaborative research at The University of Queensland.

2 January 2020

The Australian Government is offering 40 students up to $60,000 each in financial assistance for eligible programs at UQ’s Gatton campus.

20 December 2019
Turbulence (seen here in cyclones) ... is described as the oldest unsolved problem in physics. Image by WikiImages from Pixabay

University of Queensland researchers have combined quantum liquids and silicon-chip technology to study turbulence for the first time, opening the door to new navigation technologies and improved understanding of the turbulent dynamics of cyclones...

20 December 2019
Traditionally, the seeds were ground to a raw paste and eaten as a cold gruel – like a eucalyptus-flavoured porridge.

Indigenous wisdom and modern science are helping to bring a highly nutritious seed to the world’s attention.

19 December 2019

'Whoopi’ the manta ray – a regular visitor to Western Australia’s Ningaloo Reef – has helped University of Queensland and Murdoch University scientists study rays’ impressive ability to heal.

18 December 2019

With only about half of Earth’s terrestrial surface remaining as natural vegetation, a University of Queensland-led team has proposed an international goal to halt its continued loss.

17 December 2019

Australian school students’ poor performance in mathematics could harm the economy and the next generation’s job prospects, according to a University of Queensland researcher.

17 December 2019
The SVII camera system piloted by Christophe Bailhache in Raja Ampat. ? Underwater Earth / XL Catlin Seaview Survey / Aaron Spence

More than one million high-resolution images from 860 of the world’s coral reefs have been made available to scientists by The University of Queensland and ocean conservation non-profit, Underwater Earth.

16 December 2019

A television appearance teaching science was one of many highlights for Alicia Kirk, who graduated as Valedictorian after completing her Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Chemistry, following a dual degree in Science and Arts.

16 December 2019

University of Queensland graduand Jack Hill has been appointed Youth Governor of Queensland for 2020, working to amplify the voice of young people across the state.

12 December 2019

Low-productivity agricultural land could be transformed into millions of hectares of conservation reserves across the world, according to University of Queensland-led research.

10 December 2019
Moreton Bay near Brisbane ... healthy oceans are critical to all life on Earth

Climate change is not being taken into account in the design and management of marine parks, according to research featuring University of Queensland scientists.

5 December 2019

Humans are a step closer to seeing what the world looks like through the eyes of animals, thanks to technology developed by researchers from The University of Queensland and the University of Exeter.

4 December 2019
Beach mussels from Southport, Tasmania

One of the world’s most notorious invasive species has established itself on Australia’s coastlines, according to research from The University of Queensland.

2 December 2019
 Trauma and infectious disease were the most common single diagnoses in koalas

It’s well known that South East Queensland koalas are doing it tough, and a University of Queensland study sheds new light on the multiple issues afflicting them.

29 November 2019