Making a complaint about breach of privacy

If you believe that the University or one of its officers has breached your privacy when handling your personal information, you are entitled to make a privacy complaint. Your complaint should be lodged through the Complaints Management process. Please note that you cannot make a complaint that the University has breached another person’s privacy unless that person has appointed you as his or her agent.   Before lodging a privacy complaint, you are encouraged to contact the Right to Information and Privacy Office to discuss your concerns. 

Within 14 days of your complaint being received, the Right to Information and Privacy Office will write to you acknowledging your complaint and providing details of how the complaint will be investigated. You will be notified once the investigation is complete. 

Within 45 days from day you lodge your complaint with the University,  you will be notified in writing of:

  • the findings of the investigation (and the reasons for those findings), and
  • the action proposed to be taken by the University (and the reasons for taking that action), and
  • your right to apply to the Information Commissioner if you are not satisfied with the outcome.

If you are not notified within 45 days or are not satisfied with University’s investigation, you may apply to the Information Commissioner for your complaint to be mediated. If your complaint is not suitable to be mediated or you are not satisfied with the mediation, you may ask the Information Commissioner to refer your complaint to the Qld Civil and Administration Tribunal (QCAT) for a review of the conduct that was the subject of your complaint. 

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